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페이지 선택
사라 오-목크
Sarah Oh-Mock

독일 출신 작가 사라오-모크는 베를린의 UDK 미술대학과 카셀과 마인츠에서 공부를 했다. 이후 그녀는 2년 동안 PHASO라 하는 학제 간 프로젝트에 참여해 고고학자와 콜라보 작업을 펼쳤다. 그녀의 초현실적인 비디오 작업과 설치, 오브제, 사진 및 드로잉 작업은 문화와 인공적인 도시공간과 자연과 잠재의식 사이의 관계를 다룬다. 베를린, 뉴욕, 서울 등의 지역에서 다수의 그룹전에 참여한 경력이 있다.

Zwiefach/ double/중복
Sarah Oh-Mock 2015
HD-video, 6:33 min.


Zwiefach/ double/중복 is dealing with the increasing multiplication of the „real world“ around us. Through the almost worldwide massive use of smartphones and social media is arising a fl ood of images with people posing in front of different settings.
Through this is developing a kind of „parallel world“ with smiling and posing humans in the foreground. Another level of multiplication is reached through the duplication of famous european touristic places in South Korea. The artist was visiting the south korean versions of Venice, the Prague old city hall and the „Memorial Church“, Berlin. There she was
posing in always the same position – always silent and stiff, in opposite to the fl ood of smilings in selfies.
Back in Europe, when visiting the archetypes of the fake-places, the visitor can see that they are also only images of what the tourist wants to find. Souvenir shops, „traditional music“ only for tourists and even the danger of Venice being destroyed through enormous cruise ships – and all in the name of the selfie. Where is the original of the image?
In the presentation are overlaying the different levels of images, as how the images for the user of a smartphone
are overlaying with the surrounding.


Preview : https://vimeo.com/290378351

password: ZF!

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